The Key to Boiler Maintenance

After all the expense of having your new gas boiler installed, it makes sense to keep it in tip-top condition. Not only does this mean better running efficiency and lower energy bills, it could also protect your health and safety because faulty boilers are hazardous. But don’t be put off by this warning note: boiler maintenance isn’t difficult or time-consuming, and our suggestions will help you look after yours properly.

Annual Boiler Service

boiler maintenance

This is top of the list of must-dos for boiler owners. Even if you haven’t noticed any issues or problems, get your boiler serviced every year and you’re more likely to be rewarded by trouble-free running during the winter months. It’s important to ensure that servicing is carried out by a qualified engineer: contact a company who repair boilers, install central heating and are listed on the Gas Safe register, and you can be certain of their safety and professionalism.

Space to Breathe

Like most of us, your boiler is probably housed in a cupboard. And, again like most of us, you probably don’t have acres of space to spare in your home. But it’s nevertheless vital to give your boiler adequate breathing space: if it’s surrounded by shoes, coats and other paraphernalia it won’t have the degree of ventilation necessary for optimal functioning.

Efficient Radiators

It’s very common to find your radiators are cool at the top and warm at the bottom. This is a sign of air trapped within your central heating system; a condition that means your boiler is working harder than it needs to, costing you money. Releasing the air by ‘bleeding’ your radiators will restore your boiler’s efficiency and give you a cosier home.

boiler maintenanceKnow the Warning Signs

By following the three recommendations before this, you’ll be more or less assured a good experience with your boiler. There’s no such thing as a completely trouble-free guarantee, though, and it makes good sense to keep your eye out for signs of impending problems. Unusual noises and the presence of black, sooty areas mean that you should call a gas engineer as soon as possible.

You can do a lot to keep your boiler running smoothly and efficiently: boiler maintenance isn’t just for professionals who repair boilers, install central heating and maintain gas appliances. By staying on top of the issues outlined above, you’ll help keep your energy bills as low as possible and make sure your boiler is safe. And if in doubt about anything boiler-related, call the professionals: KMH Gas Boilers Southampton service and install boilers of all makes and models, and can advise you on keeping yours running safely and efficiently.