Make Sure Your Business Is Ready for the New Year

We’re now deep into the New Year, energy efficiency has never been so important for UK businesses, offering critical savings at a time when power bills continue to soar. If your business is not prepared for the rising costs the New Year promises and has yet to consider making energy-efficiency savings, cast your eye over the following moneysaving tips.

boiler serviceRising Power Bills and Lowering Your Energy Costs

Energy bills have risen by more than a third in the last three years and recent research by the investment bank UBS predicts that by 2020 prices will be nearly double. Keeping control of your business’ energy consumption has never been so important and taking measures to increase your company’s energy efficiency can have real cost savings.

Focusing on Your Hot Water and Heating System

A key way to reduce energy consumption for your business is by looking at the performance of your business’ hot water and heating system. By ensuring that it is and continues to perform as energy efficiently as possible, you can keep your costs to a minimum.

Replacing Old and Inefficient Boilers

The age of your present boiler is an important consideration. Boilers that are 15 years old or more are less energy efficient than newer models and only operate at 60% efficiency. This means that for every pound spent on fuel, your business is wasting 40p. By replacing old and inefficient boilers with a modern A-rated condensing boiler, energy bills will be reduced and your business’ energy efficiency increased.

boiler serviceBoiler Service, Updates and Cost Savings

Regardless of age, it’s important to ensure that your present boiler continues to work efficiently. Even if your current system appears to be working well and has no faults, scheduling an annual boiler service is a no-brainer. A yearly check-up will make sure that your boiler is working safely and that it will continue to run at maximum efficiency, thereby lowering your energy bills and saving you up to 15% each year. Furthermore, by scheduling your check up in the summer before your business turns the central heating on, you can avoid a boiler breakdown in the middle of winter and a costly callout fee.

A New Year, a More Energy Efficient Business

If you want to keep a lid on your energy bills in the New Year, you need to ensure that your boiler and heating system are running to their maximum efficiency. Contact KMH Gas today, to discuss replacing an old, inefficient boiler or to schedule an annual boiler service for your business.