Getting the Best from Your Boiler

boiler tipsAt the heart of your central heating system, your boiler is responsible for heating your home and providing hot water. This means that its use of gas accounts for the majority of your energy bill. Whether you have an up-to-the-minute modern boiler or an older system, straightforward boiler advice can help you get the best from your heating and keep your expenses small.

Reduce Wasted Heat

One way of being kind to your boiler is to reduce the load on it by insulating your home. Heat rises, so improving your loft insulation can have a dramatic effect on heating bills and on how hard your boiler has to work. Placing an effective insulation jacket on your hot water tank prevents cooling and means that you won’t need to use energy whenever you want hot water.

Keep to a Regular Maintenance Schedule

boiler tipsLike a car, your boiler needs regular maintenance to keep it running in the most efficient way possible. Over half of your energy spend is accounted for by its usage, and an efficient boiler produces more heat from a unit of gas than an inefficient one. So it’s a wise move to get your boiler checked by a qualified engineer once a year. This will also make sure that your heating system is safe and not about to stop working suddenly, leaving you shivering when you’re most in need of warmth.

Combat Corrosion

If you have an older central heating system, it is likely that substances resulting from corrosion and scale will have built up in the system and on boiler components. Over time this may make your boiler considerably less efficient. Using specialised chemical inhibitors in your system can slow the corrosion process and restore efficiency.

Consider a Condensing Boiler

Condensing boilers are considerably more efficient than conventional boilers, since they recover as much as possible of the waste heat which would otherwise be vented into the atmosphere. Install a condensing boiler and you’ll reduce your carbon footprint while shrinking your heating bills. In some cases, grants are available from energy providers to help with the up-front costs.

The bulk of your heating bill is accounted for by your boiler, so it is well worth considering how to maximise its efficiency. Simple measures such as adequate home insulation and regular maintenance can bring immense benefits, but older central heating systems may need extra support such as the addition of chemical corrosion- and scale-inhibitors. If you don’t already have a condensing boiler, installing one could reduce your bills. Some energy providers will even install condensing boilers for free.

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