Boilers Southampton

Boiler Maintenance

A smooth running boiler is essential for a happy household. The boiler provides you with hot water and runs your central heating. Boilers typically use gas or oil to work.

If your boiler is not running as it should, you’ll end up paying higher energy bills, especially in the colder Winter months. Boiler repairs can end up being very expensive so to avoid unnecessary costs it’s advisable to get it checked out by an expert once a year.

Annual Service

An annual service is a small price to pay for a healthy boiler and it will save you money in the long run.

Not only will your boiler be inspected to make sure it’s working properly, but tests will be taken to make sure there are no harmful emissions such as gas and carbon monoxide.

Boilers Southampton

An annual service consists of the following:

Component testing to make sure that all parts are working correctly.

All parts will be inspected and cleaned.

Any damaged or worn parts will be replaced.

The gas pressure will be measured.

A flue test will be conducted to ensure there are no harmful emissions.



During the year it’s also a good idea to check your boiler regularly and help it to run smoothly. You can do this by:

Keeping the water pressure constant. This will ensure that your boiler can function efficiently. Remove the casing and check the meter. It should be set between 1 and 1.5 bars. If it is below this, locate the gauge at the base of the boiler and turn the valve to increase the pressure. When the desired reading is reached, quickly turn off the valve to avoid adding too much pressure.

If you have a gas boiler check the colour of the pilot light. Strong blue indicates that the boiler is working correctly. A yellow flame indicates that your boiler could be emitting carbon monoxide. This is a serious health risk and a qualified engineer should be called immediately. Carbon monoxide does not smell, but it is lethal. A dedicated alarm is recommended to detect if carbon monoxide is present.


A timer and thermostat can save you energy bills. You can set it to come on at specific times during the day and night when you need hot water and heating the most.

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