Three Reasons Your Commercial Boiler Might Need Changing

commercial boiler When it comes to boilers, out of sight can be out of mind. However, many businesses in Hampshire rely heavily on a commercial boiler for their water or space heating needs. Is yours one of them? If so, how old is your boiler, and has it had annual inspections and servicing? And why does that matter? There are a few very good reasons to be aware of the state of your boiler, and when it needs changing.

commercial boiler 1. Safety

Gas boilers are generally very safe, and have become even safer over time. However, there are a few risks with them. If your commercial boiler is more than 15 years old, wasn’t installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, or hasn’t had annual safety checks, then your boiler is more likely to leak or explode, leading to poisoning or a fire. While the risk is usually low, the stakes are high – so it’s best to be on the safe side, and upgrade your boiler if it’s old, hasn’t been serviced regularly, or you aren’t sure of its history.

2. Efficiency commercial boiler

‘A pence saved is a pence earned’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to rising energy costs. And Hampshire businesses owners know that keeping energy costs down is a major factor in having a successful and profitable business. At the time of installation, older boilers were likely to be around 80% efficient. However, even in a regularly serviced commercial boiler, efficiency could have dropped by 60%. And with the new types of modern boilers now available, efficiency is around 90%. If your boiler is over 15 years old, have it inspected by a registered engineer. They’ll tell you if a modern upgrade could help your energy efficiency and costs.

commercial boiler 3. Reliability

As commercial boilers age, they become more unreliable and need more regular servicing and parts replacement – and the costs of parts and repairs can add up to more than your boiler’s worth. If your boiler is having more problems than usual, or repair costs seem to be more frequent or expensive, ask your local gas-heating expert about the cost of a replacement.

There’s a song about an old man who didn’t think the hole in his roof was a problem – until it rained. Likewise, boiler problems can go un-noticed until they’re significant. With a little research, you could avoid interruption of your hot water or heating supply, improve the safety of your work environment, and save money and time dealing with a faulty, old or inefficient boiler.

For a Gas Safe registered plumber in Hampshire, contact KMH Gas. They’ll assess the state of your commercial boiler, and advise you on your options.