The Importance of Commercial Boiler Maintenance, Repair and Install

If you have a commercial building, you will have a very expensive, high performance boiler. This
means you also have to make sure that your maintenance is properly arranged and that any
necessary repairs are completed immediately. Also, should you need a replacement boiler, you have
to make sure that the installation is done properly. Let’s take a look at all these elements.

Commercial Boiler Maintenance

Commercial boiler maintenance has to be sub-divided into two categories: the maintenance you
can do yourself and the maintenance that a company has to do. It is very important to know exactly
what you can and can’t do yourself in terms of maintenance. This is because if you touch something
you shouldn’t, your warranty may be voided. Some simple maintenance things you can do yourself
is just check it over every once in a while, making sure there are no leaks and that there isn’t too
much dust on it.

Professional companies should come out once a year to service your boiler. They will perform
essential maintenance, such as checking the levels of various chemicals and making sure the inside
of the boiler is still in good condition.

Commercial Boiler Repairs

In terms of repairs, you should always let the professionals handle it. Again, this is because you will void your warranty if you do it yourself. At the slightest sign of trouble, you should call an engineer out to repair the boiler. This is because any small problem will very quickly escalate into a large problem. Large problems are a lot more expensive to fix.

Commercial Boiler Installationcommercial gas boilers hampshire

Boilers do not last forever. Also, newer boilers are a lot more energy efficient and greener, which is a good reason to replace them regularly. Replacing your boiler every ten years is generally a good policy. It is also possible that your boiler is broken beyond repair and needs replacing because of that. If you run a commercial building, you cannot leave this till the last minute. Although boilers are expensive, you will not be able to heat your building without them, or at least not without incurring tremendous costs, often far exceeding the price of a boiler. Not just that, a broken boiler presents a significant health and safety risk, and you have a duty of care towards those who are inside your building.

Always have all this work done by a certified engineer who is registered under the Gas Safety Scheme (which used to be called CORGI).