Don’t Let Your Business Get Caught out in the Cold This Year

commercial boiler repairThe holidays were particularly wonderful this year but arriving into a cold chilly office on a Monday morning, they now seem like a distant memory. With no heating or hot water and a commercial boiler system that has blown, this was not the return to work you had hoped for. This nightmare scenario can be avoided – follow our tips, to ensure that your business is never again caught out in the cold!

Tip 1: Make Sure Your Commercial Boiler Remains Healthy

For many businesses, an annual boiler check-up seems like an unnecessary expense. The boiler seems to be working well and no faults have appeared – why waste money on a check-up? This is a mistake – one that may cost rather than save your business money. An annual boiler service ensures the safety and efficiency of your boiler, particularly in the winter months. It also helps to avoid the inconvenience of your boiler breaking down, saving you the cost of a pricey emergency callout!

commercial boiler repairTip 2: Book a Gas Safe Registered Engineer.

Your boiler service is a little like an annual health checkup from your doctors. The engineer will check your boiler for any present or future faults, and clean away any dirt or deposits, ensuring that your boiler runs safely and efficiently. When booking your annual boiler service– you must check that your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. Not only will this guarantee a safe quality service but it is required under the law.

Tip 3: Replace Old Inefficient Boilers

If you boiler is more than 10 years old, you should also consider updating your present boiler with a newer, more efficient A-rated model. This will not only reduce the potential of your boiler breaking down but it will also reduce your energy bills, by up to 30%.

Tip 4: Updating Your Boiler -Make the Right Choice!

If you do decide to update your commercial boiler, be sure you make the right choice for your business. There are three main types of high-efficiency condensing boilers – the ‘Combi’ (the combination), the System boiler and the regular boiler. Choosing the right boiler system for your business will depend upon your annual gas consumption rate and advice from an installation professional is strongly recommended.

Ensure that your business is not caught out in the cold this year – contact KMH Gas today, to find out how we can help you with your annual boiler service or system update.