Signs Your Commercial Boiler Needs Repairing

As a business owner you’ll know that any problems which are left until later tend to compound. Nowhere is this truer than with maintaining or repairing your gas boiler. Calling a commercial gas boiler repair service as soon as you notice a problem is essential. Here’s what to watch for.

commercial boilerMetallic Odours

If you smell a metallic odour emanating from your gas boiler, you need to address this with the utmost urgency. Natural gas is highly toxic if inhaled, although those affected can remain undiagnosed during the early stages of poisoning. Although gas inhalation initially presents flu-like symptoms, prolonged exposure can be fatal. This is the last thing you want on your conscience, so if anybody reports a metallic smell coming from your boiler, have the problem professionally diagnosed immediately.

Loud Noises

Loud banging, groaning, or hissing noises coming from your boiler are hard to miss and usually signify your boiler is in urgent need of repair. This is typically due to a build-up of iron deposits and other sludge in the heat exchanger waterways, and can be taken care of through power flushing.

commercial boilerLess Heat Generation

If jumpers become standard work-wear, you may put it down to an unusually cold day. However, if your water is no longer as hot as it should be, and your heating isn’t working effectively, it’s likely to be a problem with your boiler. While not dangerous, this problem will have a detrimental effect on staff and productivity, so should be addressed quickly.

Repeated Pump Failures

Like anything, some parts of your boiler may simply wear out over time. If you’re dealing with repeated circulatory pump failures, you’re ignoring the inevitable by putting up with it. Commercial gas boiler repairers will quickly work out whether your pump needs replacing or whether a power flush will solve the problem.

Water Leaks

This is a potentially serious problem as it may signify the corrosion or malfunction of internal components. Leaks can occur from pressure or temperature valves, boiler pumps, or ill-fitted pipes. In some cases a simple replacement part will suffice, but if corrosion has spread significantly, scrapping the boiler may be the only option you have. Even the most innocuous looking leaks are a call to action, as there’s a chance initial leaks dried up before you noticed them. As soon as you see a leak, call a commercial boiler repairer immediately.