Best Commercial Boiler Repairs in Hampshire

It’s a fact of life that boilers don’t last forever. When your boiler goes on the blink, you want to get a good replacement, one that doesn’t cost the earth and one that will last the longest time possible. If you’re looking for commercial boiler repairs in Hampshire, here are some facts to consider.

Choose the Right Boiler

There are 3 main varieties of commercial boiler on the market so you’ll need to choose one that best serves your needs. The combination, or ‘combi’, provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler, giving instant hot water that does away with the need for a large tank. Combination boilers are a popular choice as they provide high efficiency for both hot water and central heating in one space-saving unit.

Commercial Boiler Repairs in hampshireRegular boilers, also known as conventional boilers, directly heat the central heating system and produce hot water that’s stored in a tank. They take up much more space than a ‘combi’ boiler and work well with traditional heating systems.

System boilers are suitable for larger homes, as they’re able to supply hot water to several taps simultaneously. Many of the main components are built in to the system boiler, making them far easier and cheaper to install. They are more efficient than a regular boiler as the water is pumped through the heating system to the radiators and storage cylinder. The result of this is a faster response together with much more economical running costs.

Choose the Right Company

The Gas Safe Register is an official list of engineers legally registered to supply, fit and service gas appliances in the UK and Northern Ireland. Always check the company you are using is registered with Gas Safe Register.

A good boiler company will offer regular services on the boilers they install. Servicing costs vary, but may start from around £50 a year. It’s recommended that you undertake maintenance on your boiler regularly, at least once a year. Boiler servicing is best done during the summer to make sure the boiler is working to maximum efficiency during the winter months, when it’s needed most.

Commercial Boiler Repairs in HampshireGet the Right Cost

Boiler prices vary considerably depending on the type, size and brand you choose. Prices start from around £600 but can be as much as £2,000. It’s always recommended that you contact the boiler manufacturer directly to check their offers and prices at the time of purchase.

Valliant, Viessmann, Potterton and Worcester are some of the more popular brands, but high prices don’t necessarily mean high quality. It’s a good idea to check out the reviews on websites such as

The price of the boiler is just one element of the total cost. Installation, engineer visits and how much the replacement parts cost all adds to the overall expense of replacing your old boiler.

If you are looking for commercial boiler repairs in Hampshire, check out KMH Gas for a reliable, friendly and family run service.