Preparing your Business for an Energy Efficient Winter

commercial boiler systemUnexpected costs are an unfortunate occurrence in any business. Things like maintenance costs and utility bills can be somewhat unpredictable and all add up. Winter can be a particularly expensive time for those businesses in a commercial premises that are also responsible for heating bills; as the weather can be very unpredictable in the UK and will dictate the amount of energy consumption and thus gas and electricity bills.

Reducing Commercial Utility Costs

Considering whether or not your current hot water and heating system is performing as energy efficiently as it should be is an important step to keeping control of your business energy consumption and utility bills. Could it be time for a new commercial boiler installation at your premises?

Why Do I Need a New Boiler?

Updating your current boiler to a condensing boiler can be a simple way to reduce fuel bills and improve the energy efficiency of your business. Your business’s carbon footprint should also be taken into consideration. Many consumers are starting to make conscious decisions to only deal with carbon neutral or environmentally friendly companies. By showing your customers that you have a concern for the environment you will be enhancing your company’s reputation in the local community.

Having a new commercial boiler that promises to cut business expenditure on fuel and be more energy efficient will ensure a reduction in your commercial heating bills. Making savings in one area of the business will have a ripple effect on profitability as a whole.

Commercial boiler repair Southampton

Boilers that are 15 years old or older understandably have a tendency to be less energy efficient than the newer models, only being approximately 60% efficient; which rates G in the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) scale. This means that for every pound spent on fuel, 40p is wasted. Commercial boiler installers recommend installing modern condensing boilers, which are all at least 90% efficient and are A-rated in the scale.

Best Commercial Boiler Choices:

When it comes to commercial boiler installation, there are three main types of high-efficiency condensing boilers on the market: the combination or ‘Combi’, the System boiler and the regular boiler. All of which run on different systems, for which we have specific details for each on our site.

Choosing the right system for your business is vital; take into consideration how high or low your building’s gas consumption rate is to choose the right boiler for your business.Professional commercial boiler installation companies will be able to offer advice and guidance on this point.

Further benefits to upgrading your commercial boiler system

There are many other benefits to installing a new commercial boiler for commercial premises, including safety. Qualified technicians and plumbers have the expertise to guarantee the installation of a boiler system that is not only energy-productive but also up-to-date with the regulations and standards set by the UK Gas Safe Register.

For example, one independent gym in Southampton achieved 40% saving on their water heating bills by upgrading their commercial boiler system as customers having hot showers was a key part of the day to day running of the business. Another Southampton business – an office in a converted barn saved 20% on their heating bills by upgrading their heating system to meet the needs of an older building.

In summary – considering your commercial boiler installation before the cold weather sets in will save your business money and the shock of expensive heating bills.