Commercial Boilers: Installation and Maintenance Advice

commercial gas boilersMany businesses make use of commercial boilers to take care of their heating requirements. But what exactly are they and what does their use entail?

What Are Commercial Boilers?

Just like domestic boilers, commercial boilers are used to generate heat. But on a much greater scale. As such, they typically take up large amounts of space and are used to deal with substantial heating demands.
Commercial boilers need to be regularly maintained in order to function smoothly and avoid the following issues:

Trapped Air

Trapped air is one of the most common problems with commercial boilers, and it must be bled out of the boiler’s radiator. To do this, the valves must be opened in order to allow the trapped air to escape.

Water Pressure

Problems with water pressure in your commercial boiler can lead to a reduction in heat. The pressure gauge should be regularly monitored to make sure the pressure levels stay consistent. If they don’t, more water may need to be added to the boiler to regulate the pressure.


Commercial boilers require regular cleaning to make sure they continue to work at full capacity. Heat exchangers and burners are particularly susceptible to crusting, which can cause a significant drop in the boiler’s performance.


Regular maintenance also allows potential problems to be spotted early on before they develop into major issues. If not addressed, such issues could potentially cause the boiler to breakdown which could result in a massive reduction in productivity, costing your business a lot of money.

High Running Costs

Well-maintained boilers run far more efficiently and require much less energy. Over a long period, this can lead to a significant reduction in heating costs. It’s also more environmentally friendly.

commercial gas boilers2Discomfort

Commercial boilers functioning at full capacity help to provide comfort to both employees and customers. Without regular maintenance, this level of comfort may not be achieved, resulting in lower productivity and fewer customers.

How to Install and Maintain a Commercial Boiler

Commercial boilers are substantial pieces of equipment that require professional services in order to install and maintain. First, you should seek professional consultation when considering which type of commercial boiler is best for you. After considering your various needs as well as the size and characteristics of your premises, a professional can advise you which boiler to purchase and where it should be located within your site. You can then hire a professional installation service to make sure your boiler is correctly fitted and working at full capacity. Also, you must seek the help of professionals for regular services and repairs. Only by doing this can you avoid the potential problems listed above.

A commercial boiler may be the answer to your business’s heating requirements. But remember to use a professional Gas Safe service for all your installation and maintenance needs.