Maintenance and Installation of Gas Appliances – The Importance of hiring Professionals

gas boilers install southamptonDid you know that if you don’t regularly check your gas appliances, you could be placing yourself and your family at real risk? This is due to carbon monoxide poisoning, a very real and very silent killer. Any appliance you have that uses gas, like boilers, cookers and fires, have to be check and serviced at least once a year. Maintenance and installation of gas appliances should only be done by professionals who are on the Gas Safe register.

What Is a Gas Safety Check?

An engineer will come and inspect your appliances during one of these checks. During this time, they will ascertain that the device is working the way it should be, with a particular focus on four key areas.

These are:

1. That the settings are right and that they burn gas in the right amount and at the right

2. Whether any harmful gases are removed appropriately rather than being released in the outside air.

3. That all ventilation routes are working properly and that they are totally clear.

4. That the device is in full working order.

If you undertake these checks every year, you will know for a fact whether they are working properly, or whether they need maintaining. Remember that if you are a landlord, you are required by law to do this.

Can You Get a Free Gas Safety Check?

Some gas suppliers provide free gas safety checks to their employees. Generally, this is only available for those who are on a means tested benefit. This includes:

• Those on a pension, with disability or chronic illness who live alone.

• Those who care for someone of pensionable age, with a disability or a chronic illness.

• Those with children under the age of 5.

• Those who have not been previously gas checked in the past year.

• Those who do not have a landlord who is required by law to undertake such checks.

Eligibility is down to the discretion of the gas provider. Hence, it is always worth asking whether or not you are able to get a check. If you can’t get one for free, they will be able to tell you how much one would cost and it is generally money very well-spent.

What Is a Service?

A gas safety check looks at the most basic elements of any gas appliance. However, with a service, a full check will be done, and the engineer will usually really take the entire appliance apart. At this time, they will look at the overall condition of the machine, as well as the condition of the pipework, flues and air vents. Performance tests will also be carried out and any action needed to repair it will also be undertaken.

You should make sure that you actually service your appliances regularly. Check the instructions that came with your device to find out how often it is necessary. Unfortunately, these checks are not regularly done for free. However, when you consider they have the potential to save lives, they still are absolutely necessary.