Residential Boiler Installers Southampton – Gas Safe Engineers

All residential boiler installers in Southampton have to be gas safe engineers. This scheme used to
be called CORGI, and you will still find a lot of engineers saying they are CORGI registered. However, you have to check they are also on the gas safety register, since CORGI no longer exists. But what exactly is this register, and how do you use it?

How to Use the Gas Safe Register domestic boiler install hampshire

The gas safe register is fully online and allows anyone to search for registered engineers. It is possible to search by place name, by engineer name or by their registration number. No personal details are taken or given, you will simply be told who in the area is registered and whether or not a specific name can be found. The website is also very useful to find out whether there are any gas risks in your area.

What Is the Gas Safe Register?

By law, all engineers that work with gas have to be registered. This registration proves that they are capable of doing their job and that they comply with all necessary regulations. It also indicates that they update their skills as and when necessary, so that they are always fully up to date. You have to remember that gas is a very dangerous substance. If gas escapes, the chance of loss of life is very real.

First of all, a faulty gas connection can lead to carbon monoxide escaping and poisoning people.

This is known as the silent killer. It can take a considerable amount of time before death occurs,
mainly because people will leave their homes and breathe in fresh air again. It generally starts with headaches and tiredness, which gets progressively worse, until people simply fall asleep and never wake up again.

The other problem with gas is that it is highly flammable. The amount of fire that is used in a home is something that many people don’t think about. They may light the burners on their cookers, smoke a cigarette, light a candle or more. There could be a slight fault in an electric wire somewhere, setting off a spark. All of this can lead to the gas being lit, leading to an explosion.

It won’t be the first time that an entire house, and neighbouring properties, are blown to pieces
because of a gas leak.

Gas is something to be taken seriously, and only professional engineers, certified by the gas safe register, should work with it.