The Importance of Servicing Your Domestic Boiler Before Winter

boiler servicingIt’s no fun being caught out in the cold. It’s even worse when it happens indoors. As the freezing season approaches, your boiler will be kicked into high gear. However, all boiler manufacturers recommend annual boiler servicing (domestic boilers have a habit of going unserviced) and there’s good reason why you should get this done before winter.

Reduce the Chances of Mid-Winter Breakdowns

This seems obvious, unless you’re one of those people who habitually puts things off. If one of the reasons for your boiler is warmth, then risking a breakdown as temperatures reach zero is the worst thing you can do. If you have infants or the elderly at home, it could even be dangerous.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

boiler servicingMany boilers release carbon monoxide and it only takes 2% of this odourless, invisible gas to mix with the air and kill or permanently disable you. In fact, many people are poisoned very slowly and often misattribute the symptoms to a stomach bug or winter flu. A poorly ventilated flue is one of many ways this lethal gas can find its way inside. If your boiler’s pilot light is flicking unstably, you should stop using your boiler immediately. Better still, get it serviced before winter for the sake of your health.

Save Energy

If your boiler is running at maximum efficiency, you can save 10%–15% on your energy bills. With energy prices continually rising this makes annual boiler servicing an investment
rather than an expense. Remember to ask your service person for other tips on running your boiler cost-effectively. You’ll be surprised what you can do.

Prolong Your Boiler’s Life

Even if you don’t think your boiler will break down over winter, regular servicing will catch any problems before they arise. New boilers aren’t cheap, and there’s no reason to spend money when a quick service will do.

Remove Bacteria

boiler servicingIf you’re a savvy saver, you may think it prudent to reduce the temperature on your boiler. However, this increases the risk of bacteria infecting the boiler and your body. As the signs of bacterium infection are similar to an allergic reaction, you may not even notice. Most disturbingly, boilers operating between 20°C and 60°C can harbour the legionella bacteria. This bacteria infects the lungs, leading to the deadly Legionnaires’ disease. Getting your boiler serviced before winter should never be seen as a ‘nice to do.’ Not only can unserviced boilers leave you out of pocket and in the cold, they can be lethal.