Four Steps to a Winter-Ready Home

winter-readyWith the weather becoming increasingly unpredictable and with winter fully underway, it pays to make sure your home is ready for every eventuality. You know that warmth is a precious commodity, and saving energy means more money left in your bank account at the end of the month. Follow this simple winter advice to stay solvent and cosy, no matter what surprises the elements may bring.

1. Switch and Save

When it comes to saving money, loyalty doesn’t necessarily pay. If you’ve been with your energy supplier for more than a year you can make substantial savings by switching to a competitor. Don’t be put off if you think the process sounds complex, because your new supplier will take most of the strain. And if you don’t already pay your energy bills by monthly direct debit, changing to this payment method can save you between £70 and £90 a year.

2. Draught-Proof Your Home

A draught-free home feels more comfortable whatever the temperature, so block out draughts and you’ll be able to turn the thermostat down, saving energy and money. Placing draught excluders under doors and applying self-adhesive foam strips around window frames are two simple, cheap and effective methods of making your home less draughty. Of course, when you’re carrying out DIY draught-proofing, be careful not to block essential ventilation shafts and air bricks. If in doubt, seek advice from a professional.

3. Radiator Revisions

It is very easy to make your radiators more efficient. Placing sheets of reflective material behind them will cause more heat to be radiated into the room rather than lost through external walls, especially in homes with uninsulated walls. Bleeding your radiators can help, too, especially if they feel cooler at the top than the bottom: releasing air from the system improves their ability to conduct heat.

4. Boiler Maintenance

winter-readyYour gas boiler accounts for over 50% of your energy spend each year. An efficient boiler generates more heat from each unit of gas than an inefficient one, costing you less. Regular servicing helps your boiler stay efficient for as long as possible, and ensures that you won’t be left unexpectedly chilly by sudden failures. Your gas engineer will also be able to tell you when it’s time to replace your boiler.

If you’re concerned about seasonal energy bills, there’s a lot you can do to cushion the blow. Follow the winter advice above to make your home winter-ready, whatever the weather. And don’t forget that more help and advice is available from the professionals. KMH Gas have more than 23 years experience in gas heating, and can help you stay warm and solvent this winter.